Trojan2 Noise Nuisance Recorder Features


Features of the Trojan2 Noise Nuisance Recorder

Simple, effective measurement of noise nuisance for EHO’s & Housing Associations

  • Designed specifically for EHO’s & housing associations to monitor noise nuisance
  • Complete class 1 noise nuisance recording system
  • Simple setup & operation
  • Wireless remote controls provided
  • Measurement of all parameters
  • High quality, High resolution uncompressed audio recording
  • Licence-Free software with free lifetime updates, no dongles or installation limits
  • Automatic startup & restart
  • Pre and post trigger audio control with data logging down to 10m/sec
  • Automatic audio calibration allows recordings to be played back at the correct volume
  • Designed manufactured and supported in the UK
  • Detachable class 1 environmental noise measurement sound level meter


The Trojan2 is a new Noise Nuisance Recorder that has been specifically designed for EHO’s and Housing Associations. We’ve included all of the functions and features that are essential and removed anything that makes life complicated.

Noise Nuisance PassedSimple set up with intuitive screen instructions and automatic startup

When the Trojan2 sound level meter is connected to the case, it is automatically setup ready for deployment as a noise nuisance recorder. Just connect the microphone, plug in the power supply, switch on and calibrate.

 That’s all there is to do.

The Trojan2 is ready to go and even if you don’t press the start button, it will start measuring after 10 minutes so there’s no risk of you forgetting to set the unit running. Give the remote control to the user and tell them to press Record when they hear the noise.


Noise Nuisance PassedAll of the information you could ever need, presented quick and simply

We’ve configured the Trojan2 to give you the data that you really need. You’ll be able to see a graph of noise vs time (logged down to 10ms if needed), the overall Leq, LAE and LAFmax along with any recordings made.

Just click on a recording to listen to the audio and click again to see any additional data such as 1:3 Octaves.

Dig deeper to see the detailed time history data, mark the graph to identify noise sources and print data for use in reports and analysis.

The NoiseTools software gives you the information you need right at your fingertips with the capability to dig into the data and get the information that you want. And don’t forget that NoiseTools is supplied free from any licencing or installation restrictions.

Noise Nuisance PassedCompact size for discreet installation

Only 30cm long, the Trojan2 is small, lightweight and easy to deploy. You don’t even need to unplug the cables when you’re finished. Pick up the case, put it into the carrying case and go.

Noise Nuisance PassedWireless remote control for simple operation by the user

The Trojan2 uses a simple wireless remote control to start and stop audio recordings so there’s less risk of cables being damaged. There are 2 remote controls included as standard so even if you lose one, there’s a spare ready to go. There’s even an option of a wired remote control if this is your preference. Just let us know what you prefer during your demonstration.

Noise Nuisance PassedHighest quality uncompressed audio for stronger evidence collection

With up to 32bit/96kHz audio recording, you will get the highest level of fidelity needed to identify noise sources.

Noise Nuisance PassedIncludes easy to use reviewing software with free lifetime updates and licence free installation

The NoiseTools software is supplied free from any licencing or installation restrictions. Once you’ve bought the Trojan, you can install the software onto as many PC’s as you need.

Updates are free of charge so there are no extra costs for the software saving you time and money.

Noise Nuisance PassedSimultaneous measurement of all parameters so no data is missed

Every function available in the instrument is stored automatically to memory so there’s no risk of you missing the data that you need. Even when you use the Trojan2 as a handheld sound level meter, you get exactly the same functions and features.

Noise Nuisance PassedAutomatic re-start after power failure prevents data loss

If the power is interupted, the Trojan2 will automatically restart when power is restored so there’s no risk of losing data. All of the measurements made are stored automatically into memory. If the instrument has a set of standard AA batteries installed, it will run for a further 8 hours.

Noise Nuisance PassedMemory expandable up to 32GB for long term measurements

The standard 4GB memory is sufficient for most applications but you can expand the memory up to 32Gb to allow for months of data storage. Just let us know how long you think you need to measure for and we’ll configure your instrument for you.

Noise Nuisance PassedClass 1 real-time analyser suitable for other environmental noise measurements

Simply take the Trojan2 out of the case and you’ve got a fully featured Class 1 data logging sound level meter that’s ideal for a range of other applications. There’s no additional costs or extras needed to use the Trojan as a handheld sound level meter.

Noise Nuisance PassedAutomatic audio calibration allows recordings to be played back at correct volume

The NoiseTools software gives you a playback calibration function as standard. The sofware will automatically adjust the volume of your speakers to give you the correct playback level. No more guessing if the levels are correct, just click the calibration button and everything is done for you.

Noise Nuisance PassedUp to 15 years full manufacturers warranty

The Trojan2 is covered by our industry leading 15 year warranty to ensure that your investment continues to provide you with the highest levels of performance.

Noise Nuisance PassedDesigned, manufactured & calibrated in UK

The Trojan2 and all of it’s accessories are designed, manufactured and calibrated in the UK by Cirrus Research. With 40 years experience in noise measurement instruments, support, advice and information is always just a phone call away.

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