TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder

TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder

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TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder

Simple, Effective Measurement Of Noise Nuisance For Housing Associations

The TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder is Cirrus’ latest solution to help Housing Associations measure noise nuisance.

The TrojanLITE enables you to easily measure and record noise nuisance to gather the vital evidence that you require to resolve complaints. Quick and simple to deploy, the TrojanLITE will capture loudness and frequency level data, as well as record high quality audio of the alleged noise nuisance.

Why Choose the TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder?

  • Capture data on the level and frequency of noise complaints
  • Record audio to ascertain what is really going on
  • No acoustic understanding required to set-up and deploy
  • Easy to download and analyse data to generate reports as evidence
  • Help you determine actionable noise complaints
  • Training and support available directly from the manufacturer to help you

Designed with Housing Associations in Mind

Line drawing of TrojanLITEThe TrojanLITE has been simplified to become a dedicated noise nuisance recorder. Most of these types of devices allow you to remove the sound level meter from within the carrying case to perform environmental noise assessments. Following feedback from existing and potential users of this type of equipment, we found this feature was not needed – along with many of the more advanced functions.

As a result of this feedback, the TrojanLITE‘s sound level meter has been fixed inside the carrying case and the advanced functionality removed. This makes the TrojanLITE simpler to set-up and use for Housing Officers. We have also fixed the cables directly to the unit to make installation in the Reporter’s home quicker.